Parcel Solved implements and manages a range of custom fulfillment services that enable you to build brand-loyalty by delivering the essential services every client needs setting you apart from the competition. Our complete integration capabilities allows you to manage your orders more effectively end-to-end.

Some of our Custom Fulfillment features include:


Complete order management capabilities including the ability to manage backorders, advance orders, reships, exchanges and other transactions right from your cloud-based portal.


We offer custom kitting and assembly of orders for events or product launches or we can assemble them on-demand for bundled items or make recomendations based on shipping and selling patterns. We provide custom packaging material and follow specific instructions to make your all your kits look great!


The fulfillment process is a key component of the subscription box business. Every subscription box fulfills a different need of each customer so customization is what makes this process different from an individual online order. At Parcel Solved we make sure that your shipments look the way want, with all of the right products for each of your customers. We make this possible by leveraging our ability to seamlessly integrate with your web order system and the right team of professionals that handle each order with attention to every detail.


We can work with you to develop packaging solutions that provide for brand image and helps you stand out from the crowd. You can make a statement with customized packaging for every order.