When picking and fulfilling an order we never take the “one size fits all” approach. We can crate customized packing solutions based on your needs be it an event, a store opening or a launch kit, removing wrapping, packaging or labels, we can provide the perfect packing in every case. Our focus is not on the turnaround but on the flexibility you need to fulfill your customers’ needs.

All our processes are automated and all merchandise barcoded so as to avoid errors in processing and picking orders. We further use a audit trail system to ensure orders al filled as submitted resulting in one of the lowest error rates in the industry.

Our unparalleled inventory management system, interfaces with Parcel Solved’s client systems to provide current inventory levels and ensure the right amount of product is on-hand at all times. Inventory levels can be accessed from the cloud, from any smart phone or computer for your convenience. You can view your order information directly from our cloud-based portal so you’ll never wonder if an order shipped or what the tracking number is and your customers will be automatically updated of the status by email.