Product and merchandise returns, also known as reverse logistics or returns management, are a natural part of any retail business and for eCommerce companies can account for a significant percentage of their overall transactions.

At Parcel Solved we work closely with your operation to make sure that your returns process is comprehensive and covered from end-to-end. We offer:
  • Customized product returns management processes to match your needs
  • Visibility through our Cloud-based system 
  • Notification to your customers with updates for each step of the process
Our returns management services make things fast and easy for your customers, while getting your products processed appropriately and back into inventory as fast as possible. Get more ROI (return on investment) with your returns through increased efficiencies that include:
  • product inspection
  • credit processing
  • re-kitting and re-packaging
  • parts replacement
  • return to vendor
  • disposal
Look no further…we’ve got you covered! We offer effective returns that can significantly impact customer satisfaction levels and profit in a positive way.